Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is a training tool implemented at FLSC to assist our staff in becoming fluent in the languages of  research,  medicine and  animal care. We have included the Word of the Day on our web site as a reference for our staff.  Each working day a new vocabulary word is introduced on the board in the FLSC foyer.  At FLSC staff meetings, a quiz on Word of the Day is given with a traveling prize awarded to the individual with the highest score. Clark the Super Hero Mouse is 2016's traveling trophy. The quiz winners will vie to give Clark a permanent home at the end of the year. For a clue to the bonus word or Tie Breaker on this month's quiz, search the archives for the highlighted word!  We welcome all life-long learners to enjoy the FLSC Word of the Day.

April 2017:  "Part of the Equipment"

Date Word Definition
4/3/2017 zerk a grease fitting, where the grease is inserted
4/4/2017 caster set of wheels or rotating balls mounted in a swivel frame used for movement of equipment
4/5/2017 cable a wire or wire rope by which force is exerted to control or operate a mechanism
4/6/2017 gasket a material (rubber or silicone) or a part (like o-rings) used to make a joint fluid-tight
4/7/2017 jet the instrument where a usually forceful stream of fluid is discharged from a narrow opening
4/10/2017 nozzle  a short tube with a taper or constriction used (as on a hose) to speed up or direct a flow of liquid
4/11/2017 crock a thick earthenware bowl or pot
4/12/2017 stopper something used to plug an openting
4/13/2017 sipper a tube through which drinking fluids are made available to animals
4/14/2017 wire bar lid a cage top composed of welded wires configured the permit entrance of light, air, and access to food
4/17/2017 bonnet a covering for the top of an open container
4/18/2017 grommet an eyelet of firm material to strengthen or protect an opening
4/19/2017 sash a framework of glass forming a usuallymovable part of a door or window
4/20/2017 filter a porous article through which gas or liquid is passed to separate out particulate matter
4/21/2017 lever a projecting piece by which a mechanism is adjusted or operated
4/24/2017 valve mechanical device to start, stop, or regulate the flow of liquid or gas by opening, shutting, or blocking a port
4/25/2017 solenoid a coil of wire that acts like a magnet abd is used as a swithc for a valve
4/26/2017 siphon a tube by which a liquid can be transferred to a lower level by atmospheric pressure
4/27/2017 watchdog the monitoring system that records temperature, humidity, light and dark, and in some cases air pressure
4/28/2017 regulator a device for controlling the level or amount of something; gas regulators control pressure


2003 Trophy Gene the Mouse
2004 Trophy Itchy and Scratchy
2005 Trophy Frisco the Horse
2006 Trophy Fanny Flea
2007 Trophy Howlie the Monkey
2008 Trophy General Bear
2009 Trophy Flying Monkey
2010 Trophy McLovin the Frog
2011 Trophy George Wellington III (a very good rabbit)
2012 Trophy Evil "Knevil" Monkey
2013 Trophy Eek and Squeak
2014 Trophy Douglas the Hamster
2015 Trophy Gertie the Guinea Pig 
2016 Trophy Clark the Super Hero Mouse
2017 Trophy Checkers a Racing for a Cure Gerbil