Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is a training tool implemented at FLSC to assist our staff in becoming fluent in the languages of  research,  medicine and  animal care. We have included the Word of the Day on our web site as a reference for our staff.  Each working day a new vocabulary word is introduced on the board in the FLSC foyer.  At FLSC staff meetings, a quiz on Word of the Day is given with a traveling prize awarded to the individual with the highest score. Clark the Super Hero Mouse is 2016's traveling trophy. The quiz winners will vie to give Clark a permanent home at the end of the year. For a clue to the bonus word or Tie Breaker on this month's quiz, search the archives for the highlighted word!  We welcome all life-long learners to enjoy the FLSC Word of the Day.

March 2017:  "Part of the Cycle"

Date Word Definition
3/1/2017 cycle a recurrent series of events
3/2/2017 estrous cycle physiologic changes consisting of proestrus, estrus, metestrus, and diestrus
3/3/2017 cell cycle events occurring during proliferation of cells such as in tissue culture
3/6/2017 krebs cycle the main source of energy in the mammalian body
3/7/2017 glyoxylic acid cycle  catabolic cycle in plants/microorganisms like the krebs cycle in animals
3/8/2017 mitotic cycle  another term for the cell cycle
3/9/2017 ross cycle the life cycle of the malaria parasite
3/10/2017 CO2 cycle CO2 from expired air used by plants to make carbohydrates, which decay releasing CO2
3/13/2017 calvin cycle enzyme-catalyzed dark reactions of photosynthesis that occurs in the chloroplasts of plants and many bacteria
3/14/2017 cori cycle the phases in the metabolism of carbohydrate also called the lactic acid cycle
3/15/2017 chewing cycle complete course of movement of the mandible in a single masticatory stroke
3/16/2017 brain wave cycle complete up and down movement of a single wave, complex, or impulse on an EEG
3/17/2017 urea cycle chemical reactions, occurring in the liver, that results in the production of urea
3/20/2017 endogenous cycle the portion of a parasitic life cycle occurring within the host
3/21/2017 exogenous cycle the portion of a parasitic life cycle occurring outside the host
3/22/2017 cardiac cycle complete round of cardiac systole and diastole with the intervals between
3/23/2017 forced cycle a cardiac cycle (atrial or ventricular) that is cut short by a forced beat
3/24/2017 hair cycle phases of growth , regression , and quiescence in the life of a hair
3/27/2017 nitrogen cycle nitrogen in the air is fixed, available for plant/animal life, and returned to air
3/28/2017 anovulatory cycle ovarian cycle in which no oocytes are released from an ovarian follicle
3/29/2017 reproductive cycle begins with conception and extends through gestation and parturition
3/30/2017 visual cycle transformation of carotenoids in the bleaching and regeneration of visual pigment
3/31/2017 life  cycle a progression through a series of differing stages of development


2003 Trophy Gene the Mouse
2004 Trophy Itchy and Scratchy
2005 Trophy Frisco the Horse
2006 Trophy Fanny Flea
2007 Trophy Howlie the Monkey
2008 Trophy General Bear
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2010 Trophy McLovin the Frog
2011 Trophy George Wellington III (a very good rabbit)
2012 Trophy Evil "Knevil" Monkey
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2016 Trophy Clark the Super Hero Mouse
2017 Trophy Checkers a Racing for a Cure Gerbil