Word of the Day Quiz

The Word of the Day Quiz is available to those who wish to test their vocabulary abilities. The quiz and answers will be available after the FLSC satff have completed the quiz for the month (we can't give away the answers ahead of time). The answers are available at the link at the bottom of the page. 

February 2017 WOTD Quiz

1.         A sire is:

            a.         a small alarm

            b.         a male parent

            c.         a male saved for breeding

            d.         your master


2.         A surrogate is:

            a.         a submerged gate especially for fish

            b.         a female that helps raise a litter of another female

            c.         a female that raises an orphaned litter

            d.         a substitute especially for the dam


3.         A neonate is:

            a.         a newborn

            b.         the first born of a litter

            c.         a pup between the ages of 14 and 21 days

            d.         the process of giving birth


4.         T          F          Offspring are two or more animals that share a parent in common.


5.         T          F          Half siblings share one parent in common.


6.         T          F          A weanling is an animal that is able to eat solid food.


7.         Match the following with the best definition.

            ____ mate       a.  to remove less desirable animals from a group

            ____ stud        b.  either of a pair matched for breeding

            ____ cull         c.  a female parent

            ____ dam        d.  a male animal kept for breeding


8.         A founder is:

            a.         one in direct line of descent from which an animal is derived

            b.         one that causes lameness in horses

            c.         one that establishes the genetic basis for a strain

            d.         the first animal born in a chimera’s first litter


9.         Co-parent is:

            a.         to be the same sire for two litters

            b.         serve as a surrogate

            c.         the act of raising a litter with two females sharing parenting duties

            d.         to foster pups until they are strong enough to be returned to the dam


10.       T          F          Family is the taxonomic grouping between genus and species.


Bonus: The organ attaching the fetus to the mother is called the _______________________________.


Tie Breaker: Dystocia means  __________________________________________________________.


Answers for the February Word of the Day Quiz