Policies, Procedures & Forms


As FLSC updates, modifies, and refines standard operating procedures, we will make those changes available to the researchers at the university. To facilitate the dissemination of this information the revised SOPs will be available in pdf format for printing. New and updated policies will also be available as printed copies at the information center just inside the FLSC foyer for a 1 - 3 month period.  


Attention all FLSC users: There is a new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy in effect as of June 1, 2016. All users must comply with these PPE requirements. Signs are posted at all entry doors and on all animal rooms. It is your responsibility to know and follow these rules. 

FLSC has released the Per Diem Rates For 2017 2018 for housing animals. These rates were determined using a cost analysis and remain competitive with rates at other institutions. 

The IACUC has revised several policies including IACUC Policy for Testing of Tumors and Cell Lines, IACUC Policy on Humane Endpoints, and IACUC Policy on Pain and Distress. The IACUC has a new policy, IACUC Policy on the Reuse of Laboratory Animals  that outlines the situations in which reuse of animals is acceptable. All Investigators are responsible for being familiar with these policies and providing the information to their lab personnel. For access to downloadable and printable copies of IACUC Policies and FLSC Standard operating Procedures visit the IACUC Policy page and the FLSC Standard Operating Procedures page.

CTSI Policies

FLSC is a core facility in Notre Dame Research and is a participant in the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI). In accordance with the requirements of that affiliation, Freimann Life Science Center has developed specific policies to address confidentiality, conflict resolution, cost recovery, payment, prioritization of work and publications. All researchers utilizing FLSC services should be familiar with this policy. For additional information please contact the FLSC office at (574)631-6085. For your convenience the policy can be downloaded as a pdf.

FLSC Policies for Confidentiality, Conflict Resolution, Cost Recovery, Payment, Prioritization of Work, and Publications (32 KB pdf)