Tour Information

All personnel having access to the Freimann Life Science Center facilities at Galvin or Raclin-Carmichael are responsible for having read the appropriate policies, procedures, and guidelines. This information is available to ensure that all animal facility users are familiar with and informed of the processes to follow when working in the animal facilities. Although this information may be mentioned during the tour, it is incumbent on the individual with access to have read these documents. Should you have any questions, please bring them with you to ask during your facility tour.

General Tour Information  
Personal Protective Equipment Policy pdf 48KB
Procedure Room Reservations Online pdf 18KB
IACUC Policy for Euthanasia pdf 57KB
FLSC Contact List pdf 16KB
Injury Reporting Procedure pdf 13KB
Aquatic Tour Information  
Zebrafish Quarantine Breeding  pdf 13KB
Zebrafish Breeding Colony Maintenance  pdf 41KB
Zebrafish Tank Density  pdf 14KB
Immersion Euthanasia Solution Storage pdf 45KB
Zebrafish General Husbandry Procedure pdf 21KB
Aquatic Tank Sanitation Procedure pdf 14KB
Xenopus General Care and Husbandry pdf 16KB
Immature Xenopus Husbandry pdf 73KB
Tree Frog Husbandry pdf 21KB
Non-Aquatic Tour Information  
Procedure for Animal Procurement  pdf 18KB
IACUC Policy on Animal Transportation pdf 20 KB
IACUC Policy on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals pdf 30 KB
Cage Card Flag System Chart pdf 14KB
Rodent Ventilated Rack Checking Procedure pdf 16KB
General Care Policy for Research Animals pdf 18KB
Rodent Cage Occupancy Limit Policy pdf 22KB